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Our kennel at Nitro Golden Retrievers has been a 20-year dream. Finally coming to fruition in the summer of 2000, we often wonder how we ever survived without it. Built by a friend of ours who does construction work for a living, the quality of workmanship is top notch. With indoor/outdoor runs, heating and air conditioning, it makes for a convenient and comfortable home away from home for the 'kids.' Visiting teammates, Police K-9's, or friends dogs are never a problem as we now have ample room for everyone.




All of the dogs seem to love their new “mother-in-law” apartment. Any time we mention the words “let's go to kennel,” a wave of Goldens scurry for the garage. Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with the giant cookie jar located just inside the grooming room door!




The grooming room with its raised tub makes bath time much more pleasant for dog and groomer alike. The convenience is particularly refreshing when we remember all the hours we spent on our knees bent over our own bathtub! No more backbreaking lifts thanks to the stairs that the dogs are trained to ascend to get their baths. The center of the room provides ample space for the grooming table and all the tools necessary for keeping coats, nails, ears, and tails in top condition.


While at home, the dogs take turns spending quality time each night in the house with us. When kenneled however, they can interact and play together in the common area, easily accessed through the end of each of their runs. If we do need to confine one of them due to being in heat, etc., that can easily be accomplished by closing the door on the end of any of the runs.



".... Here's Badger!"


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